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A Tech’s Take

A Tech’s Take

Ed. note: As the march toward E15 continues apace, we asked Grid to weigh in on ethanol and what it could mean for boaters going forward.

Make it a Double

During a recent marina potluck, talk turned to through-hull hoses and hose clamps. A dock neighbor of mine said — per a recent insurance survey ...

More Heat, More Boating

To extend my boating season, I’m thinking of installing a heater aboard my boat. As I already have a factory-installed LPG stove (complete with ...

Vexed by Vapor Lock

I have a 1999 Hurricane deckboat with a 4.3 engine. The new fuel with so much alcohol is creating vapor lock when I turn the engine off in hot weather ...

Alternative Outboards

Alternative Outboards

I want to set a good example for my young kids about respecting the environment they boat in. I’m considering alternative ou ...

Corrosive Connections

ABYC H-24, Gasoline Fuel Systems, says that you cannot connect copper-containing fittings directly to an aluminum fuel tank. A fitting made of stainle ...

Balanced Out

What does it mean to “balance” carburetors?

The Scoop on Sealants

I need to replace the teak deck sealant on my boat after routing the grooves deeper due to wear. Is polysulfide sealant the best? If not, what is the ...

Playing Favorites

Do you have any engine brand preference? What is it, and why?

Rain, Rain Go Away?

Will polysulfide still effectively seal (assuming proper application techniques were used) the portlights even if it rains during the three-day period ...

Bilge Pump Blahs

My 24-foot SeaFox has an automatic bilge pump, like most boats. The manual action works, but the auto doesn’t. How do I find out why not?

Full Boat

I am a little behind in reading my boating magazines, work (and snow) keeps getting in the way, but I have spent a fair amount of time reading about t ...

Thinking Ahead for Winter

I’m putting together a checklist for my winterization projects. What do I need to do with my electronics for the long Boston winter? I have a fl ...

Not in the User's Manual

I am having trouble with a 1982 Evinrude 15 hp. It stopped pumping water, so I took it to the local dealer, who kept it for a month and installed a ne ...

Stay on top of Cleaning

The heat and humidity are really killing my canvas and Isinglass this summer. What really works to keep things clean and presentable?