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Keep Them Happy

Keep Them Happy

I love to fish, and so do my wife and kids. They just don’t love it for as long as I do per day. I have a 20-foot bowrider with a 150 hp outboard and not much room to carry water toys to keep everyone busy when they get bored. I don’t want the kids on their smartphones all day, so what can I distract them with?

Look Like a Pro

The busy season is coming up on my launch ramp, and I’m already dreading tying up with all the chaos at the nearby dock where people seem to lea ...

Time for a New Pin

After an extended layup (a little more than two years), my 200 hp Evinrude will barely tilt down. My son actuates the DN button, and I push the engine ...

Ready for Spring

Ready for Spring

I own a 2013 Chaparral H2O 4.3 MPI, and this is my first year to de-winterize. I stabilized the fuel and left a half tank with E10, disconnected the b ...

Is a Fire Port Enough?

Can you tell me what a “fire port” is and if I should have one. I own a 2007 Sea Ray Sundancer with inboard engines.

One Thing Leads to Another

I have a 9.9 hp Honda extra-long-shaft outboard. I have been disappointed with a recurring problem. There is a vertical shaft bushing that has seized ...

Careful of Corrosion

I recently came across a sweet-looking deal on an older boat with an inboard engine. While visiting the boat, I noticed some significant corrosion at ...

Easy-to-Access Extinguishers

During a recent Coast Guard Auxiliary safety inspection of my 2000 Bayliner, the inspector noted that the two portable dry chemical fire extinguishers ...

A Used Outboard Might be OK

A Used Outboard Might be OK

Money being no object, would you buy a new or used four-stroke outboard, attached or unattached to a boat?

Gate Valve Trouble

My 1980s Taiwanese-built trawler utilizes a gate valve for the engine raw-water cooling intake. Is it OK to use gate valves below the waterline?

Pump Replacement Time

The plastic livewell pump for my recently purchased center console fishing boat is screwed directly onto a bronze seacock. Is that cool?

Languishing Lines

Languishing Lines

The original vinyl-coated lifelines on my sailboat are looking worn — rust, peeling vinyl, etc. How often should lifelines be inspected or repla ...

Worth a Rebuild?

My 2004 Johnson 90 oil-injected two-stroke has suddenly become very hard to start. After it warms up, it runs fine. When I take it out of the water, a ...

Not Happy with Halos

Not Happy with Halos

During my last haulout, I noticed what looked like rings in my bottom paint around each of the bronze fittings below the waterline (through-hulls, str ...

Outboard Envy

I have a Honda 130 hp outboard that always starts on the second crank. I ran into a fellow last summer who has the same motor, and he claims his motor ...