Spring Into Spring

Posted: April 1, 2012

Recommissioning your engine now will save you headaches later.

By: Alan Jones

Here’s a typical spring recommissioning scenario: Your best boating buddy calls you Friday afternoon to tell you the first raft-up of the year is on for tomorrow. Not being one to miss out on a good party, you hook up first thing in the morning and tow your boat to the ramp. And that’s as far as you get.Your half-dead battery expires after trying to start your balky engine, and even a jump start doesn’t work. You make the drive of shame back to your house and, like a golfer, take a Mulligan and do it right the next time.

Inspect Your Gadget
First, get a flashlight and perform an inspection of your engine’s wiring, hoses (squeeze them) and belts. Rodents and other critters love sharpening their teeth on rubber (I know, I had a pet rat). Droppings inside your boat are a telltale sign you’ve had visitors. If you have a sterndrive, check the rubber bellows around your outdrive for cracks. If you stuffed rags down intakes or into the exhaust to prevent intruders from entering, remove them. You should have loosened your engine’s belts during winterization to prevent undue stretching, so snug them up. Get a socket wrench and test all of the bolts to make sure they are tight, including those on your engine mounts and the steering assembly. Test your throttle cables to make sure they move freely.

Check Your Liquidity
Next, check all fluids. During your boat’s winterization, you should have changed your oil (four-strokes) and outdrive gear oil to prevent impurities or metal filings from bonding to the engine’s innards during its hiatus. Make sure the fluids are at the correct levels and are free of contaminants. If you have a closed cooling system, check the level and the state of your antifreeze. Antifreeze can last several years, and the best indicator of its health is its color. If it is a murky, rusty shade of brown, change it. Don’t forget the reservoir for your power trim and also the tank for your boat’s power-steering fluid, if so equipped.

On the Down Low
Check the lower unit for bare or corroded metal. If bad spots are found, lightly sand them, spray them with primer and touch them up with outdrive paint, avoiding any sacrificial zinc anodes. If zincs show appreciable wear, change them. Inspect your prop and skeg for dings, and repair them as needed or take them to the prop shop. Pull the prop and clean the spline of old grease and relubricate with marine grease. If you are running a sterndrive, check the engine block, looking for rusty metal, which you should sand, prime and then paint. Springtime is the best time to replace your engine’s water-pump impeller. If the old one you are replacing has rubber vanes that don’t crack when you bend them, keep it as an emergency spare and compare it to the new one to make sure you have the correct replacement. Always lubricate the vanes with petroleum jelly to provide lubricity when the pump is started dry for the first time before the water can prime it.

Fuel Me Once
If you topped off your fuel tank with STA-BIL-treated gas, you should be good to go in the spring, but a quick smell test is always a good idea. Good gas smells like … gas. Contaminated or old fuel usually has an off smell that’s readily noticeable. Spring is a good time to replace your boat’s fuel filter in case you have had water intrusion into your tank over the winter. If you suspect your fuel has a lot of water, see if you can find a marina that has a mobile fuel filter. It acts like a dialysis machine that can cycle your fuel through to remove water.

Charge It
Make sure your batteries are fully charged and are topped off with distilled water for those that require maintenance. Reinstall them on the boat, making sure to clean the terminals and lightly cover them with electrically conductive grease. Once they’re installed, turn on the battery switch and check all electrical accessories. Don’t forget to check your bilge pump’s automatic float switch. Also, raise and lower the engine or outdrive several times.

Home Schooled
Run your boat on the trailer at home to make sure it fires up after having first attached a water supply. If you fogged your engine, the exhaust will be smoky at first but should quickly burn off. Closely monitor your engine’s temperature and oil pressure. Make sure your steering system is working before you leave home: Crank it fully from lock to lock several times. If you have a rack-and-pinion steering system and left the rack exposed over the winter, it could be seized up. If so, take a two-by-four, place it at the end of the rack and gently tap it with a hammer to free the rack.

Ready for Launch
After launching your boat, start it and let it warm up before heading off. Double-check that you are getting water circulation, and continue to watch the gauges closely. After shoving off, stay close to the ramp for the first 30 minutes in case a problem develops. And don’t leave home without a paddle and a cellphone.

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Are you still trying to play online casino craps with specific casino houses? Effectively, it is undeniable that you've got a much bigger enjoyment when you are truly visiting the casino along with have fun with online casino craps. You can hear a great deal of shouts and your dining room table is obviously congested with normal folks, and also attractive gals. But with the increase with web casino gaming, a growing number of standard craps people are becoming captivated with online internet casino craps, to make certain that several positive aspects over taking part in the action in the land-based on line casino. Along with what are generally these positive aspects?
On line Online casino craps Provide a Unique Natural environment
While i had said before, the most significant appeal of the reside online casino craps video game more than on line editions will be the enthusiasm as well as electrical power given off from the surroundings, desk, and avid gamers. You might obtain excited and there is a a sense of camaraderie, and in many cases the disturbance as well as the firing lighting fixtures could add to your activity exhilaration. On the other hand, these items appear at a price, peer pressure that is generally existing having relationship as well as confusion on account of pulsating lamps. So, this chaotic natural environment isn't best for you when you find yourself bet having actual money, along with an online casino ecosystem will offer a calm and also mind-friendly answer.
Even though some players have a preference for these types of enjoyment, let us remember there presently exists those who take pleasure in far more playing on the web online casino craps with online casinos, allowing them to wear its beloved apparel as well as take in their best drinks. People don even need to make yourself appearance much more exquisite as a other people or even enjoy during someone else velocity, rather than your very own.
New Players Can Benefit From On-line Casino craps
With such improvement in this playing atmosphere, new players will be taught trying to play casino craps a lot more a lot easier in a web casino. In the event that enjoying the experience is a little bit complicated, you may effortlessly take a rest and focus a handful of posts on line in relation to diverse guides and techniques in taking part in casino craps. On top of that, there are lots of cost-free designs regarding web casino game titles intended for train before you'll guess real money. Currently, are you able to obtain that within an specific internet casino? Is it possible to apply using land-based casino houses? We guess not really.
Playing On the internet Online casino craps works
As the story goes together with almost every other online casino recreation, it is possible to engage in on the internet online casino craps during any kind of free time that you've got. Thus, enjoying in a online casino is more convenient compared to generating the long distance, paying out quite a few petrol plus a possible inn lodging, to play online casino craps inside true gambling houses. Typically, the difference involving [url=http://www.casinosguide777.com]www.casinosguide777.com[/url] to be a newcomer and also a master is the time period used training. An e-casino tends to make gaining that proficiency increasingly simple.
You'll save Your current Bankroll in On the web Casino craps
The better relaxed atmosphere that is contained in an internet based online casino craps video game might considerably help in your current bets method as well as in and minimize your negative performs which ends up by serious sensations. It is possible to notice a lot of pressure to create incredible gambling bets if you are enjoying inside a conventional gambling establishment, this also can lead to an immense loss in your part.
A further exceptional distinction between actively playing craps in a stay gambling establishment and in an e-casino will be the snacks which have been made use of. In the real internet casino, your hard earned dollars is definitely transformed into various colored snacks, and helps you to fail to remember quickly you're gambling actual money. In an online casino, the levels of your bankroll plus your wagers are usually evidently shown, which lets you please remember you might be fiddling with actual money.

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