Capturing Images

Posted: February 1, 2013

ReefMaster Mini // starts at $259.95

By: Ambrosia Brody

SeaLife’s ReefMaster Mini Underwater Camera is for shutterbugs out to capture images of marine life below the waves. It is a self-contained 9-megapixel digital camera that’s waterproof to 200 feet; features Land, Snorkel and Dive modes; and includes enhanced underwater color correction, a detachable wide-angle lens and an intuitive setup mode. There’s an external flash mode that calibrates color and exposure for taking underwater pictures with an optional SeaLife Digital Pro Flash and focuses within 12 inches of the subject. The ReefMaster Mini features a 2.4-inch color LCD screen and a 30-frames-per-second VGA Video Mode with sound.

SeaLife; (800) 257-7742;

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