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Posted: November 1, 2012

Torqeedo’s Power 26-104 Li NMC Battery - $2,599

By: Ambrosia Brody

Battery short circuits, overloads and incorrect polarity are in the past with the introduction of Torqeedo’s Power 26-104 Li NMC battery. Weighing only 55 pounds, the battery packs quite a punch, delivering 2,685 watt-hours. The Power 26-104 can be submerged underwater for 30 minutes. In case of flooding, the voltage is shut off from the poles to prevent damage. The battery features steel-cylinder-cell housing with four hardware safety mechanisms, each with 336 cells, and measures 22.7 inches in length by 10 inches in width by 8.6 inches in height.

Torqeedo Inc.; (815) 444-8806; torqeedo.com/us

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