SS United States Could Be Scrap Metal In 2 Months

Posted: March 26, 2013  |  By: Mark Johanson [International Business Times]

It was the fastest ship of its time and the crowning American maritime achievement of the 20th century, but the S.S. United States may be headed for the junkyard in just two months.

The 1,000-foot-long vessel is one of the nation’s largest and most famous ocean liners, but it’s in grave danger of being sold to scrappers if the preservation group S.S. United States Conservancy can’t secure $500,000 from new donors, corporate sponsors and other supporters.

The ship -- awaiting its knight in shining armor at a berth on the Philadelphia waterfront -- received a temporary stay of execution two years ago when the historic preservation group made its purchase, but the organization is running out of time and money due to the high costs of maintaining the vessel and slow progress on inking a deal to convert the S.S. United States into a mixed-use destination and museum complex.

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Posted By: On: 3/29/2013

Title: SS United States as scrap.

A fitting end to a ship that was built as a knee jerk reaction to the exigencies of WW2. It never had a real function and never operated at a profit in peacetime use. Technology passed in by. Far more money could be realized by selling bits and pieces of the old vessel to collectors. The money could be used to revive recreational boating in the USA. Might aa well cry over the passing of the ox cart.

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