A Wash Too Far?

By: Barry Berhoff

QuestionMy friends are giving me a hard time. They say I wash my boat too much. I enjoy working on the boat and keeping it pristine, but can I actually wash it too much? 

AnswerGreat question, and I love your enthusiasm for detailing! Believe it or not, you can actually wash the boat too much. Even the mildest wax-safe detergents along with the scrubbing action can prematurely degrade your protective wax coating. Here are a few tips to not only keep your boat looking shipshape but also save you time and the boat’s finish:

– In many cases a freshwater rinse will do. Think logically. Is there stubborn dirt, stains, fish blood, etc.? If not, just rinse it down.

– You just got done using the boat Saturday and are planning to enjoy it all day again Sunday. Just rinse it Saturday and then wash it Sunday. Basically, if you plan on using the boat two or three days in a row, rinse it at the end of each day and then wash it at the end of the last day.

– Shoot for once a week. Make sure the boat gets a good washdown once a week, and just rinse it after each use in between. Even if the boat is not used that week, still give it a weekly wash.

– Spot clean as needed. If you had a big party on the boat or you went fishing and the back deck is really trashed, then by all means wash it down. But if you are headed out again the next day, just rinse the rest of the vessel. Save the full washdown for the end.

These tips will help preserve the longevity of the wax, make your job easier and keep your boat spotless.


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