Back to the Beginning

By: Grid Michal

QuestionI have a Larson Delta-Comic with a 1992 MerCruiser 170. It was out of the water in storage for four years. The problem that I’m having is I have power at the ignition, but the engine won’t turn over, the lights won’t come on and the horn won’t blow. Are they all connected? Is there a fuse box or panel that I need to check or some other way to run the wires, or a manual. I need help trying to get in the water soon.

AnswerI’d have to go back to the beginning:

1] Make sure the battery is hooked up + to +, – to -. Make sure the connections are spotlessly clean where they join, and use lock nuts or lock washers to snug them down.

2] If there’s a battery switch, make sure it’s turned to ON or 1/2/BOTH.

3] If all the above is good, move to the cable connection at the engine’s starter solenoid. You should have 12v there.

4] Is the voltage being lost at the connector some manufacturers jam under the dash? You’ll have to separate that plug and check for voltage there from the stern.

Those four items would be the only ones I can think of that would control both the engine and the accessories.


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