Don’t Mix Stabilizers

By: Grid Michal

QuestionI have an 18-foot Lund fisherman, which I repowered with a 115 hp E-TEC five years ago and have been using Sta-Bil for as many years without any problems. Now they have Sta-Bil ethanol treatment out. Will it do what the regular treatment did plus prevent separation? Can the two be mixed? Which should I be using?

AnswerEthanol has created a whole new set of problems, and everybody from owners to techs to additive manufacturers has been trying to stay ahead of the curve, so to speak. This means trying to address one problem with different chemicals while letting previous problems hold their own. To that end, if you’re using ethanol fuel, I’d certainly use an ethanol stabilizer. If you’re using non-ethanol fuel, use a non-ethanol stabilizer. I have seen far too many problems created by mixing, even with the same brand name.


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