Easy on the Graphics

By: Barry Berhoff

QuestionHow do I care for the stickers, vinyl letters and graphics wrap on my boat? 

AnswerFirst, graphics wraps, stickers and vinyl lettering can be easy to damage, so you want to be very careful what you use on them and how. Additionally, if these items are faded or oxidized, they cannot be restored. Compounds and restorers will only damage them further.

When it comes to washing, a quality boat soap and a soft brush will work fine. Besides that, nothing should be used on the items in question. Compounds and most waxes have some sort of abrasive and can damage the graphics. Most vinyl manufacturers recommend washing and drying. That’s it.

If you are refinishing or waxing the rest of the boat, use painter’s tape to protect the areas with graphics, so they do not get damaged.


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