Eschew the Power Washer

By: Barry Berhoff

QuestionWhat cleaner would you-all recommend to use with a pressure washer when washing the boat while it is floating in the water?

AnswerI do not recommend the use of a pressure washer other than for below the waterline. Since your question pertains to while the boat is on the water, it is a safe bet you are not asking about bottom cleaning. Again, I have to say no to using a pressure washer. With these high-powered machines, the risks far outweigh the rewards.

The high pressure can:
– Strip your wax
– Degrade your shine and finish
– Force water into normally dry areas

When your boat is on the water, a quality marine boat soap, a scrub brush and a standard water hose is the perfect combination. Rinse the boat first, then wash it from the top down and from bow to stern.


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