Getting to the Fuel Gauge Sender

By: Grid Michal

QuestionThe fuel gauge on my Bayliner has ceased to work. The tank itself is “plastic,” for lack of the correct name. There is an access port for the pickup, the vent hose and the fill hose, and just off to the side I think I see the fuel sender, with no access. Short of cutting an entirely new rectangular access panel, is there any way to get to the sender? Is there any way to prove whether the problem is the sender or the gauge?

AnswerUnder normal circumstances, if you can ground the positive post on the sender to the negative post, and the gas gauge slams all the way to Full, the gauge is OK, meaning the sender is at fault. By your description, that ain’t what’s happening. I can’t remember ever having changed out a gas gauge, but I have done hundreds of senders. If you can safely cut a rectangular access panel to all the components, that will probably be the answer. You’ll also make many future techs appreciate your efforts.


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