Outboard Envy

By: Grid Michal

I have a Honda 130 hp outboard that always starts on the second crank. I ran into a fellow last summer who has the same motor, and he claims his motor will always start on the first crank. Any ideas?


Not being worldly, I’m not certain what a “nit” is, but it sounds as though one’s being picked. You could look at a multitude of reasons: EFI vs. carbureted; freshness of fuel — remaining in the engine and in the tank; ethanol vs. non-ethanol; length of time between engine operations; state of engine tune; and braggadocio. Personally, I miss the days when we could tune an engine to the point we could spin the flywheel three-quarters of a turn by hand pressure and it would start, then idle so slowly that placing a hand atop the flywheel would stop it. Now, them’s bragging rights.


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