Ramp-side Cleaning Pays Dividends

By: Barry Berhoff

QuestionThe boat ramp I use is far from home. By the time I get home, the boat is covered in water spots. What can I do at the ramp to prevent this?

AnswerA large percentage of boaters trailer their boat, and the drive home can dry the boat, causing spots and stains to be more stubborn. Also, many of us who live farther from the ramp may be tired from a day of boating and the long drive home, neglecting to deal with the boat once we are home. Here are a couple of tips:

 - Many ramps and adjacent facilities have a hose bib but no hose. Keep a hose in your car, so you can quickly rinse down the boat. Then, use the hose to flush the engine. While the engine is flushing, use a chamois to dry the boat and the windshield, to prevent spots and staining.

 - If there is no water access, you can bring your own. Use a pump sprayer filled with water — one that holds 2 or 3 gallons is big enough. You can very quickly rinse the hull and then dry it.

 - Another effective approach is to use a quality waterless spray detailer, which you can find at your local boating store.

Any of the options is better than neglect or delay. Also, it takes the pressure off to do a full detail the moment you get home.


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