Weird Starting Procedure

By: Grid Michal

QuestionI have twin 2007 Suzuki 200s on a Triton. All of a sudden, now the port engine won’t start unless the throttle is advanced at the console, then returned slowly to idle. The engine runs great at any rpm, but it just won’t start correctly. The “Check engine” light is blinking erratically the entire time. Will those clues help a diagnosis?

AnswerIf I do Johnny Carson “Carnac” routine and hold a service manual to my forehead, I’m guessing the light that’s blinking shows a code. Suzuki’s codes for visual diagnosis are done like that. There may be three rapid blinks, a pause, then two rapid blinks. Long pause. Then 3-2. Or some combination such as 1-2, 2-1, 4-2, or whatever. They all mean something as far as diagnostics are concerned. Regarding your situation, if I work backward from the problem, I believe your engine must be cranking to starting rpm (say, 1200) then shutting off, correct? That aims me toward the idle air control, which controls the amount of air entering the induction system, so when you chop the throttle, the engine will gradually reduce rpm rather than cutting off. That would lead me to the TPS (throttle position sensor), which would show a 2-1 code. It would be best left to a qualified tech to make the adjustment, as safety covers have to be removed, but I believe that would cure your starting problem and cancel the code flashing.


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