Axis A 22 Recon Edition

Author: Alan Jones

We ride at dawn on a mission to carve up the perfect wakeboarding wake on Lake Lanier, near Atlanta, aboard the Axis A22 Recon Edition. Paying homage to our heroes in uniform, the Recon Edition is decked out in “camo” trim, has a custom carpet that proudly displays a stylized Axis Recon badge and features a swim platform that proudly proclaims your allegiance. Axis’ solidarity with the troops is more than skin deep, as the company is also giving a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this model to Homes 4 Wounded Warriors (


Axis Wake Research, a division of Malibu Boats, gives owners a more affordable way of carving a mountainous wake by stressing simplicity in design. That’s not to say Axis doesn’t channel Malibu’s commitment to excellence and quest for perfection. To get your wake rolling, there are three standard hard tanks totaling 900 pounds of ballast. Choose the Plug N Play ballast option, and you add 800 pounds in the rear, with 950 more pounds up front. “But wait,” as the infomercials say, “there’s more.” Use the Auto Set Wedge, and the wake’s lip keeps a perfect edge no matter what ballast you are packing, so you just set it and forget it. A HI FLO pump system means you don’t have to wait ages during ballast changes.


The A22 packs some serious heat under the hood, with a Corvette 427 (6.2L) Monsoon V-8 that puts out an astounding 450 hp. No matter how much weight you are carrying, the throttle response is crisp. The Monsoon V-8 put the A22 on plane in 3.4 seconds and took us to 30 mph in 7.2 seconds, topping out at an un-ski-boat-like speed of 46.5 mph.


While the helm might not have the plethora of bells and whistles of a Malibu, its design makes it incredibly easy to do your bidding. Our model has the optional GPS cruise control, so going exactly 22.3 mph can be accomplished with the touch of a button. Our Recon Edition comes with a Charcoal sparkle-finish V2 Tower with four Titan coffee can speakers powered by a Sony MP3 stereo that rocks the house.

With a pickle-fork bow, wrap-around seating and a Chill AX flip-up seat that creates a rearward facing throne in the walk-through, every one of the 15 people on board will have a quality perch.

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