Bennington 2275 GCW

Boat Buyer's Guide 2013

Author: Alan Jones

Here’s an interesting equation for you: 1 + 1 = 3+. Call it Bennington math, as demonstrated by the 2275 GCW, which features twin tubes that actually outperform many three-tube models. Of course, they aren’t normal round logs. Instead, they are optional 32-inch Elliptical tubes that have lifting strakes on both sides to take the 2275’s performance to a place where twin-tubers have seldom gone before. Powered by a Yamaha F150, it reached an amazing top speed of 40.8 mph. Its out-of-the-hole speed was equally impressive, with a time to plane of 2.5 seconds, and it reached 30 mph in 9.5 seconds. These huge tubes also allow the 2275 to ride high in the water, making it more big-water friendly. Most two-tube pontoons have a pronounced outward learn in corners, but with the Elliptical tubes, the 2275 cornered nearly flat and hooked up well.


Even though the G-Series is one of Bennington’s mid-level models, it features a high level of comfort, such as at the stern, where a pair of extra-wide rear-facing Super Lounges with enhanced headrests and hot tub-style seating surfaces reside. Our boat has the optional Seagrass aft flooring, which adds some pizzazz while providing good barefoot traction on the oversized rear deck. Another worthy option is a 46-inch ski pylon that unscrews for easy storage. Reboarding is easy thanks to a swimming pool-style stainless steel ladder. The styling belies the pontoon’s place on the Bennington totem pole with artfully curved rails and a two-tone fencing scheme.



The cockpit seating configuration is a bit unusual, with an amidships chaise lounge that sits nearly even with the helm seat, so the captain has someone to talk to. The port boarding gate is positioned slightly farther forward than normal to accommodate the aforementioned lounger, making the forward sofa on that side shorter than the full-length starboard recliner in front of the helm. All seats feature Soft-Touch vinyl for comfort. The standard G-Series helm station features a wood trim wheel and matching dash panel inserts. Its wrap-around design places the throttle perfectly, and there are three gauges sitting front and center. Our test boat has the optional raised helm for better visibility.

Owner Review


LOA: 24 ft. 1in.
Beam: 8 ft. 6 in.
Fuel: 23.2 gals.
Engine: Yamaha F150
Base Price: As Tested - $37,657
Standard Equipment:

Carpeting, 10-foot Bimini top, Sony GT MP3 stereo w/lighted Kicker speakers

Optional Equipment:

Hydraulic steering, lifting strakes on Elliptical tubes, electric Bimini top

Builder: Bennington

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