MasterCraft X25

Author: Alan Jones

News flash: The best seller in the MasterCraft lineup just got better. The X25 is a 21.5-foot wakeboarding/wakesurfing machine that can hold up to 16 passengers, all of whom want the next run. The new BTS windshield is roadster-esque with an open side that allows the driver to grab the dock or chat with a rider in the water. In the twin-tip bow, there’s plenty of space for riders up front, with three rearward-facing seats for skier viewing. Integrated into the sunpad is a pair of flip-up seatbacks for lounging. An intermediary step-up to the centerline walkover also functions as a seat for booting up.


MasterCraft seems to be cornering the billet aluminum market, as evidenced by the windshield frame, the glove compartment lid and the cockpit dam, and its extensive use at the helm. The X25 comes standard with a 4.3-inch display, but our test boat is optioned with a 7-inch touchscreen display that allows the driver to control everything from ballast to the stereo with ease. The cockpit perimeter is entirely given over to seating, and there are huge storage lockers throughout that have rotomolded frames for longevity.


Our test boat has a 340 hp 5.7 Ilmor engine, the smallest one available in a lineup that includes a 7.4L 555 hp beast. But because our boat is optioned with the Pro Package, which includes the Attitude Adjustment Plate (a large center trim tab), and Auto Launch, out-of-the-hole performance is outstanding. The X25 has 21 degrees of deadrise and a sharper entry, which helps carve a large wake organically before adding the standard 900 pounds of ballast, but it also makes it tougher to reach plane. Auto Launch deploys the big Lenco tab at speeds from 1 to 18 mph, to keep the bow down as you take off, and also helps you slow down when backing off the throttle. Auto Launch helped the X25 reach plane in 3 seconds with virtually no bowrise (0.2 second faster than without Auto Launch). Its time to 30 mph was 7.4 seconds, and it reached a top speed of 40.2 mph. The Pro Package includes triple tracking fins for incredible cornering with zip for slip. The package also features the ZFT4 Tower, which has storage racks with board clamps and speakers. Thanks to a hydraulic assist, the entire unit folds down with ease.

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