Premier 225 SunSation LTD

Author: Alan Jones and Boating World Staff

Conventional wisdom dictates that when a company has a best-selling model, you don’t mess with success. Well standing still isn’t in Premier’s family owned corporate DNA, so this year’s 225 SunSation LTD has been completely revamped to reveal a new look inside and out.
This year’s SunSation features new Evolution rails that break up the traditional Excel spreadsheet-like look with curved lines. The improved furniture scheme rises above the rails like a perfectly executed soufflé. Comfort is high on the agenda with triple couches that have layback seats with just the right amount of recline. El capitán gets a 7-Star throne from Flexsteel that features inner springs for rough-water “bumfort.”
Premier’s SunSation line of pontoons has a performance flavor to handle any boating palate from mild to blazing. Our twin-tube test model is set up for touring and leisurely cruising with a Suzuki 90 hp four-stroke, which delivered surprisingly gutsy performance for its modest power. We got on plane with barely perceptible bowrise in just 2.5 seconds and reached 20 mph in 5.7 seconds. Top speed was a respectable 25.5 miles per hour, which is plenty of oomph to take the kids tubing or wakeboarding.
This setup can handle up to 100 hp, but with Suzuki this moves you up to the 100-140 hp class, which is 69 pounds heavier and more expensive, thus minimizing the benefit of those 10 extra ponies. If you need more performance out of your Premier, you can take the 225 SunSation to its full potential with the exclusive PTX three-tube package that features either a 30-inch center tube or a giant 36-incher that transforms this pontoon from Clark Kent to you-know-who.
Durability is a recurring theme for Premier, so the upholstery is warranted for an amazing seven years. All storage compartment frames are roto-molded plastic, which will outlive all of us and are easily accessible thanks to the stay-open piano-hinged seat bottoms. New for this year is an optional tube coating from 3M called Vantage Film that reduces abrasions and will allow you to conceal the fact that your docking skills aren’t all they should be.

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