Stingray 250LR

Author: Alan Jones

They say you can never go back, but Stingray proves you can with the rerelease of the rejuvenated 250LR platform. Sporting a bow section that resembles the pointy snout of a mako shark, the 250’s attitude comes at you quick.

While outwardly resembling a go-fast boat, its interior is loaded with features that are useful when cruising or swinging at anchor. BW_01-2014_08_Stingray-250_02The cockpit’s U-lounge is maximized for passenger capacity and entertainment. A real wood cockpit table sets the tone, and twin refreshment consoles and three coolers put snacks and beverages just a lean away. One of the more unique features is that the entire cockpit can be turned into a giant sunpad using nine sectional cushions (including seat bottoms), with the middle section being strongly supported by aluminum poles. Want to up the party factor? Option a 500-watt Polk Audio system that comes with a 10-inch subwoofer.

Of course, being a Stingray, the 25-foot-long 250LR performs very well with a relatively modest 300 hp MerCruiser 350 MAG MPIC sterndrive. The dash is ready to accept your flush-mounted big-screen display, and the instruments sit high for easy reading. Despite having the deepest V hull in Stingray’s fleet, with 21 degrees of deadrise, and weighing a solid 4,340 pounds, it reached plane in 3.2 seconds, hit 30 mph in 8.7 seconds and topped out at 51 mph. BW_01-2014_08_Stingray-250_03Surprisingly, it planed at only 14 mph and produced a nice tight wakeboard wake at 20 mph, so going slow isn’t an issue. With the tabs down, it planed in 2.7 seconds with very little bowrise.

For swimming or staging watersports, there’s a large integrated platform with a concealed ladder and a standard transom shower. Thanks to its deep V and solid Z-Plane Hull, we sliced across the top of a nasty chop in style. Throwing it into a hard turn is thrilling thanks to its ability to stick the line. For passenger safety, this Stingray sports an amazing 37 inches of freeboard, and the cockpit is a kid-corralling 36 inches deep. The bowrider section is also very deep and has enough reclining legroom to accommodate at least a 6-foot, 7-inch passenger.

Stingray jump starts your 250LR with its convenience package of items that are usually options — a bundle that’s valued at $4,141.

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