Space-Saving Sound The Fusion RV-FS402 Sound-Panel is a complete, shallow-mount 200-watt dual speaker system. Encapsulated in a single enclosure and designed for simple installation, Sound-Panel incorporates Continue reading

Bust the Rust

$19.99, Meguiar’s new Trailer Corrosion Protectant will help your boat’s chariot last longer, and protect it from salt spray, rust and corrosion. It creates Continue reading

Water-tight Lights

$54.99, The V944 Submersible LED rear lighting kit offers an exciting advance that combines superior function and durability with exclusive LumenX LED lens optics Continue reading

Oh, Snap

$3.69, Standard laundry pins are not up to the task on a windy day on a boat. Bernard Engraving’s Sea Snap is strong and Continue reading