Antique Outboards: Beauty in Eye of Beholder

The first outboard was patented in 1866. Some 150 years later, only a few manufacturers remain of the 160 that entered the industry.

Outboard companies like Caille, Waterman, Walnut, Lockwood, Motorgo, Gray and Ferro are all forgotten. But not by everyone. Members of the Antique and Outboard Motor Club Inc. (AOMCI) have not abandoned those bygone brands. 

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One thought on “Antique Outboards: Beauty in Eye of Beholder

  1. Hi ! I live in New Hampshire and have my childhood out board early 60s Mercury 6hp motor on a motor stand in my garage that needs servicing. My local marine repair shop told me that if I were to bring it to them that they would not be able to find parts for it. So disappointed. Is there anyone in New Hampshire (or not too far away) who restores/services these motors ? I love that little motor and still have the 12′ aluminum boat it goes on too. An old Sunray I believe. That little boat needs soldering along the bottom seam for some small leaks and a paint job !!

    Currently I ride on Lake Winnisquam in my Donzi Medallion 182 inboard outboard. What a great little boat it is !! But it sure would be great to have my little boat up and running to go fishing out on Lake Massabesic here in Manchester, NH. It is a shallow and very rocky lake. Took my Donzi out once on it and won’t again. That boat is too powerful for Massabesic. But my 12′ aluminum would be perfect !

    If anyone can help, please write to my email:

    Thanks so much !
    Susan Maltais


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