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Author: BW Staff

FlameDisk is a quick, simple, cost-effective alternative to charcoal grilling. It won’t work with propane grills and fire pits, so it’s ideal for boaters, picnickers, campers and beachgoers, as long as they have a charcoal barbecue. I had to use pliers to peel away the protective film, but the 1-by-9.6-inch disk lit easily. It provides 35 to 45 minutes of steady heat, similar to charcoal. The swirling beach winds weakened the heat, and the circle of flame was a bit small for my Weber, so it took longer to cook — two of the disks would have improved the cooking process. The ethanol fuel left my hamburgers with a clean taste, and the drippings added a hint of smokiness. Grill junkies may prefer charcoal’s smoky, complex taste, but for situations where charcoal is inconvenient, FlameDisk is a good pinch hitter. The disk cools in five minutes once the fuel burns out, and it goes in the trash with no mess.

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