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Pier 66 Marina to Complete Multimillion Dollar Upgrade in October

Make room for more mega-yachts. The iconic Pier 66 Marina is undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation that will add 10 slips for super yachts, giving it 16 in all.

Point No Point Boat Launch Moving Forward

HANSVILLE, Wash. -- Kitsap County agreed to provide volunteers to help at Point No Point County Park's boat launch, which is expected to open next year.

Historic Sarasota Home a Unique Take on the Houseboat

SARASOTA, Fla. -- There are a lot of landmarks that make the Suncoast unique. One in Sarasota is a lot featuring two houses: one built like a ship, the other built like a lighthouse.

An Iconic Boat Begins a New Chapter

Think about where you were and what you were doing in the summer of 1975. The chances are good that at some point, like millions of other people, you were sitting in a theater somewhere getting the beejeebers scared out of you by the movie Jaws. And its also a safe bet that, the next time you went wading into the surf at the beach, you looked around nervously for a menacing fin or a dark shadow in the water. One of the scariest and most popular movies of all time, Jaws altered the perception of untold numbers of people regarding some of the oceans' largest predators -- sharks. What a lot of folks don't realize is that Peter Benchley's book that the film was based on drew its inspiration from a real person and, by extension, his boat.

A Group of Guys are Sailing 500 Miles on a Boat They Built From Plastic Bottles

In the Czech town of Nymburk, two young men grew tired of the relentless pollution in Europe and across the world. Marine litter especially, like floating garbage, plague our oceans and seas.

Whatever Happened to the Fishing Boat Therapy

As each fishing day comes to a close, captains' boat towers appear on the horizon as the vessels make their way back to port.

Antique Boat Donated to School

PLATTSBURGH, NY -- Joyce Huntley owns Huntley Trucking in Cadyville, New York. Her company has hauled its share of massive equipment -- some up to 100,000 pounds -- but rarely does a project require a police escort.

Volvo Penta Supplies Diesel Sterndrives for Metal Shark Patrol Boats

(CHESAPEAKE, Va.) -- July 24, 2014 -- (Marine NewsWire) Metal Shark now offers Volvo Penta diesel sterndrives in its 29 Defiant patrol boats for customers requiring optimum performance, durability and maneuverability.

Larson Boat Group Partnering With Gekko Boats

Little Falls, Minn. (July 23, 2014) -- Larson Boat Group has entered into an agreement to manufacture Gekko Sports' 4-models of tow-boats from their Little Falls, Minn., manufacturing facility.

ICAST Winning Streak Continues With Fourth Consecutive Win

Orlando, Fl. (July 16, 2013) -- ICAST 2014 marks the fourth consecutive win for Humminbird, no small feat considering the wealth and breadth of exciting new products in the show's Electronics category.

To the Northwest Passage

"About 303,000 people have climbed Everest, but there's literally, on yachts, a couple of dozen to sail the Northwest Passage," said Phil Morgan, over coffee in the cabin of Novara.

They're on a Boat!

As the early-evening sun blazed, the old Navy boat gently pushed into the East River and the 32 passengers were mindfully served cocktails, wine in tumblers and beer in cans. Life aboard the Revolution eased to two knots.

Century Old Manor Boat Gets New Life

Tucked amid stately yachts and towering cruisers anchored in Dering Harbor, is a wooden 12.5-foot dinghy named Little Kittie discreetly rocking back and forth. Unremarkable at first glance, this boat, which is now fully operational, was built in 1914 and has been restored by the Sylvester Manor Educational Farm in celebration of the craft's centennial year.

In Cortez, Bringing Wooden Boats Back

CORTEZ, Fla. -- There is a bronze nail poking through a mahogany plank on a weathered boat in Cortez. Its placement is either irrelevant or revealing -- it all depends on who's looking.

Winnipesaukee's Mail Boat is Part Floating Post Office, Part Time Machine

Someone in your family probably remembers a time when receiving a letter was unusual. The message was typically handwritten and personal, and it told you that someone in another part of the world thought enough about you to sit down, organize their thoughts and craft a message, just for you.