Anti-Semitic Voicemail Message Leads to Restoration for Historic Boat

Author: John Donnelly [FOX]

HOUSTON (FOX 26) – Moving a 7-ton landlocked boat is not easy, especially when it’s 70-plus years old and in danger of falling apart from being high and dry for years.

“Forces begin to work and gravity wants to lay her out flat actually. She wants to pull herself apart,” says a wooden boat expert and Holocaust Museum volunteer.

But this isn’t just any boat. It’s a 1940s vintage Danish fishing boat and it belongs to the Houston Holocaust Museum.

In the fall of 1943, after years of Nazi occupation, the Germans decided to round up Danish Jews. The Danes organized a boat lift to smuggle the Jews to neutral Sweden. Using boats like this, they saved 7,200 Jews, 95 percent of the Jewish population.

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