Army Teams Triumphant at 2013 Naha Dragon Boat Race in Japan

Author: Capt. Sonie Munson [US Army]

NAHA PORT, Japan (May 20, 2013) — The Army Dragon Boat teams competed at Naha Port, Okinawa, Japan, May 5, and were the only service that could successfully sound off with the following cadence at the end of the day: “Sittin’ in my dragon boat, beating my drum, Paddled so hard, til’ the trophies won.”

Both the men and the ladies teams, which are comprised of Soldiers and family members stationed on Okinawa, Japan, won their individual heats and raced each other in the amateur finals taking first and third, respectively. It was also the first time in 39 years that both teams raced each other and an all female team made it into the finals.

“It felt really good this time, we were all a team, we knew we had it, and we rocked it,” said Paulette Johnson, a rookie rower on the Army ladies team.  

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