Centurion Boats Signs Professional Skier Brian Detrick to the Carbon Pro Team

Author: Centurion

Merced, CA, April 23, 2013; Centurion Boats is proud to announce Brian Detrick as the newest member of the Centurion Carbon Pro Team. As an accomplished slalom skier, Brian Detrick is a natural for the Centurion Carbon Pro team. The Centurion Carbon Pro is regarded as the best three-event watersports towboat in the market today. The Carbon Pro is so revolutionary, that most skiers experience a new personal best score on their first pull behind the Carbon Pro.

Centurion marketing director Todd Gaughan said, “We couldn’t be happier to have a quality skier such as Brian on our Carbon Pro team and with the increasing popularity of the Carbon Pro we are looking forward to big things together.”

Brian Detrick grew up in Elk Grove, California on Shortline Lake. He started water skiing at the age of two and was competing at the age of four. Detrick had success early as he became a national champion and national record holder by ten years of age.

Detrick’s recent accomplishments on the water includes being selected to the six member 2012 United States University Water Ski Team, 2012 University World Champion, third place at the 2012 Australian Open, fifth place at the 2012 Atlanta ProAm and seventh place at the 2012 Calgary Pro ShootOut. Besides being a professional athlete, Detrick is also the owner of BRICK EVENTS, an event management, planning, coordinating and consulting company based in Elk Grove, California.

Brian Detrick said, “It’s a great feeling to be a part of the Centurion pro team and to continue my dream of skiing with the best tournament towboat in the market today. I look forward to setting new accomplishments with the CP.”

For more information about Brian Detrick please visit his website and follow his road journal on www.BrianDetrick.com


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