Diana Nyad 'Through With the Ocean' After Cuba-Florida Swim

Author: Amanda Holpuch [Guardian]

Diana Nyad said that she was “done with ocean swimming” after successfully swimming from Cuba to Florida, a goal that had eluded her for 35 years.

Speaking to reporters in Key West on Tuesday, a day after reaching her goal, the 64-year-old said she was as “sick as a dog” from swallowing so much seawater. Nyad said that she would not give up endurance swimming altogether, focusing instead on events in swimming pools.

Nyad said she was delighted to have finally achieved her goal. “All my life, I don’t know where it came from, I believed in dreaming big,” she said. “It doesn’t satisfy me to have small dreams and I can’t tell you what a big, big dream this is out here. It’s tough stuff.”

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