Dive Boat Finds 48 Gold Coins Off Treasure Coast That Were Believed to Be Lost in 1715

Author: David Boroff [NY Daily News]

This is why they call it the Treasure Coast.

A diver found 48 gold coins that are nearly 300 years old off the coast of Wabasso Beach, Fla., on Saturday.

The coins were believed to be aboard 11 Spanish ships that broke apart in 1715.

“You go out every day, hoping that it’s gonna happen, and a lot of times it doesn’t,” dive boat Captain Greg Bounds told WPTV. “But when it does, it’s just amazing, the feeling that you get.”

Bounds’ expeditions often end with the discovery of “beer cans” and “fishing weights,” but not this time. He and his “Capitana” crew found the gold approximately 200 feet off the coastline.

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