Fishin’ with Capt. Gus: Fishing boat anchors

Author: Gus Gustafson [Salisbury Post]

The fishing world, like everything else, has changed considerably over the years.

Some can remember when crappie and bream fishing boats were equipped with only a bush hook and enough line to tie the boat to a tree along the shoreline. That was OK, but it was hard to cast when the boat swung under the tree limbs, and there was always the possibility of a snake falling into it.

More creative fishermen tied a rope to a cinder block or to a couple of window sash weights to keep it from drifting. Others welded several re-bars together to form a grappling hook.

Then along came bass boats and everything had to be neat and professional in appearance. Rustic anchors of the past where replaced with vinyl-coated navy, river and mushroom versions.

Not only did they look good and blend well with the color of the boat, but they didn’t mar the finish on the boat like the old galvanized or cast iron anchors did.

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