Hampden Firm Pokes Holes in Traditional Boat Mooring, Leaving Room for Lobsters, Crabs and Other Sea Life

Author: Bill Trotter [BDN Maine]

MOUNT DESERT, Maine — The Maine shoreline, which stretches for thousands of miles up and down tidal rivers, around islands and along peninsulas, beaches and bays, is known for the relatively pristine habitat it provides to countless millions of sea creatures and plants.

But that hasn’t stopped one businessman from trying to make it a little bit better.

The hundreds of harbors that stretch along the Maine coast may be where people have the most immediate effect on the ocean bottom. Harbors are dredged every so often to help keep them navigable. Heavy boat moorings, usually large granite blocks with a metal bar loop protruding from the top, dot the bottom and periodically are raised and lowered as they are repaired or moved to make room for others.

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