10 Months Later, Hurricane Sandy's 'Blessing'

Author: Morgan Winsor [CNN]

(CNN) — Professed “Jersey girl” Christeena Hockin-Minopetros began collecting sea glass from the New Jersey shore when she was 5. She recalls that when she was younger, before the glass became scarce, you could walk home with a bucketful after a day at the beach.

Now, 10 months after Hurricane Sandy hammered the Atlantic coastline, the Florida resident says she’s shocked by how many of the frosty relics she found while walking along Sea Bright Beach back home this summer.

“It’s everywhere,” Hockin-Minopetros said, explaining how she found two large bags of sea glass in a variety of hues: brown, white, blue, milky green and a “gorgeous” red piece she can’t take her eyes off.

We can thank Sandy for the finds, said coastal geologist Cheryl Hapke.

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