The Win-Win of Kids Learning About Boats

Author: Dieter Loibner [Soundings]

A couple of summers ago, as I paddled my kayak through the narrow passage at the entrance of Fisherman’s Bay on Lopez Island, Wash., I came up on a dated but nicely kept El Toro dinghy skippered by a bear of a man.

“Ahoy, El Toro!” I shouted across the water.

“Ahoy, kayak,” he came back.

That’s how I met Dan McGuire and learned about Ponderosa Boat Works, the boat shop program at Ponderosa High School, a small Alternative Education Green Technology school with approximately 60 students in Loch Lomond, Calif. The class is part of the Regional Occupational Program that’s supported by the Santa Cruz County Office of Education and helps youth broaden their experience, build confidence and acquire soft skills like punctuality, responsibility and teamwork.

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