Vikings Award Scholarship to Boat-Accident Survivor

Author: Tim DeBolt [University of North Dakota]

Sunday, Dec. 30, was an unforgettable day of new beginnings as the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Green Bay Packers in a thrilling “buzzer-beater” field goal to secure the victory and send them to a new season in the NFL playoffs. And thanks to the Vikings, it was also a new beginning for one special fan in attendance, Claire Mastel.

On the Mall of America Field, flanked by former Vikings and UND football star Jim Kleinsasser and wife, Christa, this year’s Vikings and “UND and Me” academic scholarship recipient, Claire Mastel, was awarded a $10,000 “big check” to officially begin her educational journey at the University of North Dakota.

A current resident of Elk River, Minn., Claire was selected from a highly competitive group of top students from across the country, as well as international applications.

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