Nautique Employees Travel to Dominican Republic to Serve Others

Author: Nautique

ORLANDO, FLA (August 1, 2013) — Last week, nearly 40 Nautique employees traveled from Orlando, Fla., to the Dominican Republic, spending a portion of their vacation time serving those in need in the Dominican cities of Cienfuegos and Mocha.  

The Nautique employees were divided into two groups. Team one served the first part of the week in downtown Cienfuegos building tables, benches, chalkboards and applying a fresh coat of paint to a school house for needy children. Group two worked on a church and family home in Mocha, about 45 minutes outside of Santiago. The team helped out with siding and windows, and installed a hand rail and built a stage for the church. The family in Mocha has a completed roof and a door to their home for the first time thanks to the Nautique team.  

“Every year our Nautique employees are involved in projects to help others in both Central Florida and around the world. Each of these trips reminds me what an amazing team we have who are so motivated to both give to and serve those less fortunate,” said Nautique president/CEO Bill Yeargin. “I’m honored to be a part of the Nautique team, a company that truly cares about its customers, employees and making the world a better place.”  

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