Slave Ship Museum Proposed for Riverfront Site

Author: Richard Webster [NOLA]

Twelve years after community activist and amateur historian Lloyd Lazard first presented the vague concept of a slave ship museum in New Orleans to the City Council, he appeared once again before the Economic Development and Special Projects Committee on Tuesday (Sept. 10) with a 58-page proposal drafted by architect Clifton James, a financial analysis and a chosen location.

All he needs now is $170 million to build it.

Lazard’s vision for the museum, which would potentially be part of the city’s Riverfront Redevelopment Plan, includes a life-size interactive slave ship built inside a new five-story building at the Celeste Street wharf. There would also be a fully functioning replica slave ship that would sail to Natchez, Miss., and Scott’s Bluff in Baton Rouge where Southern University is located.

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