Time-Lapse Shows World’s Largest Ship Being Built in 50,000 Photos

Author: Michael Zang [Peta Pixel]

This time-lapse video shows the building of the largest ship in the world. It’s the first Maersk Line Triple-E vessel, which was constructed at the DSME shipyard in Okpo, Korea. The video shows three months of time, and consists of 50,000 photographs taken during that period.

The project was a collaboration between the Discovery Channel and Maersk, a Danish company that’s the world’s largest operator of container ships.

Each Triple E ship measures 1,312 feet (400m) long and 194 feet (59m) wide. The length is just two meters short of a quarter mile. In terms of capacity, the ships can hold a whopping 18,000 standard shipping containers.

Click here
 to watch the video of the ship being built in a 76 second lapse.


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