Onboard Critters

We’re not the only mammals who enjoy a boat ride. Here’s a roundup of some of the more unusual critters ever found on deck.

1. An orangutan named Princess at Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesia was once filmed by Sir David Attenborough paddling a canoe across the river — the first orangutan ever to be seen driving a boat as a human would.
2. Former President Jimmy Carter was on a solo fishing expedition in Georgia when a large swamp rabbit, chased by hounds, jumped into the water and swam toward the president’s boat. No one believed President Carter’s story that a rabbit could swim until footage of the incident was produced by a White House photographer.
3. A fully grown reindeer named Pollyanna shared quarters with 56 crewmen aboard the submarine HMS Trident in 1941. The reindeer slept under the captain’s bed and her favorite snack was condensed milk.
4. In the 1920s, the battle cruiser HMS Renown made several stops in Australia, where a baby wallaby once came aboard.
5. The 452-foot Garth Castle was part of the North Russian Expeditionary Force in 1918, and its mascot was a monkey named Jacko, often dressed in a naval costume.


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