Ready for Spring

By: Grid Michal

QuestionI own a 2013 Chaparral H2O 4.3 MPI, and this is my first year to de-winterize. I stabilized the fuel and left a half tank with E10, disconnected the battery and had the marina run antifreeze through the engine. When I launch in the spring, should I fill the tank with premium fuel (Octane 89+) and run more stabilizer through the first tank, or run the remaining fuel through and start with a fresh tank? Or should I be doing something else?

AnswerYou’re as close to 100 percent on track as you can get. Fill your tank with stabilized fresh fuel (high octane if you can find it) to offset the deterioration of the existing fuel. A fuel-injection system should have kept the fuel in the engine free of air, so that shouldn’t be too bad. After that, stabilized 87 octane is fine. Always, the emphasis is on stabilized.

Make certain — before the boat is launched — that all engine water drains have been closed, all hoses and clamps are secure, and that the drain plug is in.


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