Assault on Batteries

By: Grid Michal

QuestionI bought a new Carolina Skiff and had the dealer rig it with an optional 24v MinnKota trolling motor. They took my check and hustled my rig and me out the door before I could verify everything worked. The troller doesn’t. I think the problem lies in the 24v system receiving only 12v, as checked at the bow station, but everything is wrapped up under the console, and I can’t determine what’s going on. Any ideas?

AnswerAny time you’re in close proximity to batteries, wear eye protection. You’ll probably have three batteries under the console. There will probably be one 12v “cranking” battery dedicated to the engine and two 12v “deep cycle” batteries for the troller. Let’s call the two troller batteries “A” and “B.” A common mistake in setting up trolling systems is connecting POS to POS and NEG to NEG between the two batteries, which only gives you 12v. You’ll have to unstrap some wiring bundles to locate the cables from the trolling motor. The POS from the troller should be on the POS of “A,” and the NEG on the NEG of battery “B.” Ensure there are cables connecting the NEG on battery A,” and the POS on “B.”


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