Time for a New Pin

By: Grid Michal

QuestionAfter an extended layup (a little more than two years), my 200 hp Evinrude will barely tilt down. My son actuates the DN button, and I push the engine down with my weight. UP does fine. Where does the problem lie?


To tilt up, the tilt system’s hydraulics do a great job, with thousands of pounds of pressure in the trim segment initializing the movement, and continued with the tilt ram. However, tilting down relies on the balanced weight of the engine more so than the hydraulics. The problem lies in the pivot point at the top of the tilt ram. Corrosion has built up around the retaining pin, preventing the ram from pivoting on the pin, making the down-tilt almost impossible for the engine to accomplish.

The proper way to deal with it is to drive the retaining pin out and grind the corrosion out of the connecting points. You’ll have to hit the pin so hard during extraction that it’s best to buy a new replacement. There are other ways we old-timers deal with the problem, but you’re better off not knowing.


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