Nuts and Bolts

By: Grid Michal

QuestionAfter replacing the carpet, I found that a few of the bolts that hold the seatbacks to the frame seem to be failing. Should I get new bolts, perhaps longer ones, and see if I can screw them into the holes, to see if the new bolts will “grab” again? If the bolts screw into nuts on the other side of the fabric, which seems likely, I may have to remove the seat covers to have something to screw the bolts into.

AnswerWhat I’ve normally seen is threaded receiving “nuts” with tangs on them that grab the wood and save having to use a wrench in totally inaccessible places. These nuts are generally common metal (read: rust quickly), and the rest of your bolt is probably broken off in there. Whatever you install without removing the cover is probably going to have a life-altering effect on the next bikini-clad bottom that sits there. I don’t know how much reupholstering charges are, but at the same time you get an estimate on repair costs, check the price of replacement seats. Sometimes, the prices aren’t that much different.


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