Pondering Modernization

QuestionI have a 1995 150 Yamaha Saltwater series two-stroke powering my 20-foot center console Grady White. The engine runs fantastic — absolutely no problems whatsoever — but I’m wondering if I should consider repowering at some point with a modern four stroke? I know a four stroke would run quieter and would increase my fuel efficiency, but is it worth the investment to spend $14,000 when my 21-year-old engine runs perfectly fine? I am the third owner and have no idea how many hours are on the engine, since it has no hourmeter, but I can tell you this engine runs flawlessly. Any advice would be appreciated.

– Chris Curry, via BoatingWorld.com

AnswerLord, please don’t let me jinx this engine by answering his question, amen. Your worst problem will be trying to find some way of getting rid of that engine. I love that model. It is basic, simple, reliable, plenty of power for your Grady, and easy to service and repair. If you use a quality TC-W3 oil, like Yamaha’s (or any outboard manufacturer’s TC-W3), Ring-Free and a good fuel stabilizer/cleaner such as Seafoam, you’ll be able to leave a great engine to your next of kin. Most of the time, given 30 seconds, I could rationalize anything to the Motor Nurse, but 14 grand to replace a wonderful engine? I wouldn’t see a good return on that investment in my lifetime! And I’d probably have to sleep in the boat for just thinking about going four-stroke.


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