Selection Is Everything

QuestionWe sold a Sylvan Extreme 5 to a customer who had us put a Mercury Pro 300 on it, and we are wondering if you have tested one and what size of prop and brand and what rpm you got with it. We put a 17 on it, and the pontoon will do 45 mph at 4000 rpm. The customer thinks the Mercury should be in the 5600 to 6000 rpm range. Any input would be a great help to us.

– Richard Vacek

Alan Jones replies:
Yes, 4000 rpm at WOT for the Verado Pro 300 is far too low. It should be in the 5800 to 6400 range. When you say you put a 17 on it, I am assuming it’s the diameter. That’s probably too big, according to Mercury’s suggestions. I am surprised you are only getting 4000 rpm (which can damage the engine) but are still getting near this boat’s normal top speed (we got 46.5 mph, but I don’t have the prop info). It also could be a faulty tach reading. Check out Mercury’s Prop Selector to help dial it in:
Let us know how it works out.

Vacek replies:
Yes, I did and thanks for your input. The prop we have on it is a 17 pitch. Meanwhile, we had another customer come in who had a 300, and said he was getting the same rpm but had checked it out with another tach and found out that he really was getting around 6300, so we are looking into the tach. Thanks.


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