Space-Saving Tips

By: Barry Berhoff

QuestionI’m prepping my boat for a two-week trip, and I don’t have a lot of space. What minimum cleaning gear should I try to bring?

AnswerGood news! No need to bring wax or a buffer, so you have more time to enjoy your trip — though daily use in the ocean or a lake will require a few quick and easy routines. A hose and a spray nozzle are a must for a quick spray-down after you’ve returned to the marina after a day on the water. I find that hosing down the back deck after we have been eating on the boat keeps the bugs away, and every morning the boat looks washed. But bring a quality boat soap so you can give the boat a good wash once a week. Pack a multipurpose spray cleaner and a few microfiber towels, for those quick touchups. The towels are great for washing and drying; plus, they hang-dry quickly. Last, look for a multipurpose handle system where the same handle can be used with a boot hook, a deck brush and a fishing gaff. That will really help with storage. Your local marine store is a great place to find these products. Enjoy your trip and keep it simple.


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