The Fire Has Died

By: Grid Michal

QuestionMy 1993 40 hp Evinrude outboard (sitting up for two years) turns over but will not fire up. Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?

AnswerThree things an engine needs to run are
– Spark
– Fuel
– Compression

And all at the proper time. Let’s assume the engine ran when you put it away. Is the safety lanyard attached to the control? If not, attach it. Does the engine have spark? Remove a spark plug, reinstall it in the plug boot, lay it on the engine block, crank the engine over and look for spark at the electrode. If you have spark, reinstall the plug. With the throttle in the neutral position (no advance!) spray a little ether or carb cleaner into the air-box holes. Crank the engine. If it starts just momentarily, the carbs need to be removed and cleaned before you’re going anywhere. Your 40 also has a three-vane water-pump impeller. If it hasn’t been changed since the engine was new, when the carbs are off would be a great time to do it, as you can more easily access the shift rod connection.


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