Too Much Flushing?

By: Grid Michal

QuestionI have a 25-foot Sea Fox boat with twin 150 hp Suzuki outboards, and I pride myself on taking excellent care of all my fishing and boating gear. The boat is docked and run in salt water from April to November every year (it is hauled and winterized from December to March). When I return to the dock each time I use my boat, I flush the engines with my freshwater hose, but I’m wondering if this is overkill. The various flushing advice I’ve read (on websites and from several different engine manufacturers) is not consistent and somewhat confusing. Is it valuable (and best) to continue my “flush after every use” practice?

AnswerActually, the answer depends on the boat’s use while it is in the water. If you’re using it several times a week, flushing every time hardly makes sense. If you use the boat once a month, flushing makes perfect sense. One thing you need to do is ensure that the lower units have been removed at least once, and 1) the bearing housing under the water pump has been checked for corrosion and seal-looseness and 2) the driveshaft splines have been lubed with marine grease. The owner’s manual says that has to be done once a year. It should be done the first year of ownership, as the driveshaft comes with minimal grease, and problems could occur if fresh — and more — lube isn’t applied. GM


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