Oh, the Cold

BONEHEAD BLUNDER: Ignoring advice
THE BONEHEAD: A regular customer who is a nice guy
WHAT HAPPENED: This particular customer lives out of town, but we communicate frequently, like every other day. As I tell all my customers, take special precautions in freezing weather, since scuppers freeze solid and incoming rain water will pool until the boat sinks, because the water has no place to go.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah…

Three weeks ago his neighbor called me to tell me the customer’s boat (a 26-foot center console) was sitting funny. When somebody tells you at 9 p.m. during a howling snowstorm about a neighbor’s boat, generally it is not funny. The port stern was underwater, which was a good thing; I’d just rebuilt the starboard engine, and it was only the port fuel tank that probably got water in it. Fortunately BoatUS came and raised the boat, as the Nurse and I were both suffering with killer flu. Unfortunately, he elected to take it way down the bay where a friend of his “pickled it,” and now my customer wants to know if the engine’s OK. How would I know? I’m here, the boat isn’t.

LESSON LEARNED: I hope next time, if nothing more, he’ll moor the boat stern on the shore. I can almost promise he’ll never be able to remember to pay somebody to care for his boat while he’s gone!

Bonehead Blunders


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