June 2018 – Boating World Digital Edition – Boating World

June 2018 – Boating World Digital Edition

Sponsored by Tahoe and Avalon Pontoon Boats

About the Sponsor

Avalon is a vertically integrated builder, meaning we make everything—pontoons, framing, furniture, and more—here in our own facility. As a result, we have a much higher degree of control over the production and quality of our products than our competitors, who outsource most of the components.

At Avalon, we believe that our people are the best in the industry, and because of them, our record of high performance does not surprise us at all. Over 40 years ago, we were already producing the finest U.S.A. manufactured pontoon boats, and it’s only gotten better from there.

For more information visit avalonpontoons.com and tahoepontoons.com

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