Z-Man Develops New Color Patterns For ElaZtech Fishing Baits

South Carolina-based fishing lure creator Z-Man Fishing has introduced a new palette of colors for its ElaZtech fishing baits.

“Designing new colors is a lot of fun for us because with ElaZtech, it’s uncharted territory,” Z-Man president Daniel Nussbaum said in a press release announcing the new additions. “We’re working with a totally unique material with superior fishing advantages like durability, softness and buoyancy. But it also means we’re writing our own playbook to develop new colors and to give anglers the bait patterns they need.”

 These new colors are called “Purple Death,” “The Wright Stuff,” and “Creole Croaker,” respectively. Already, “Purple Death” has seen a very successful track record for many fishers while “The Wright Stuff” has seen its own success in mud bottom areas. The colors are only part of it, however. The other key factor, according to the release, is the use of a material that is durable, soft, and buoyant.

For more information on these new swimbaits, visit https://zmanfishing.com.


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