Costa Diego: New Advanced Performance Sunglasses

Costa sunglasses

The Costa Diego model sunglasses

When you think about a pair of sunglasses, what do you think of? For most, it is just a simple fashion accessory, two lenses and a frame to be affixed over the eyes to shield from sunlight. Ask someone who works for Costa Sunglasses what a pair of sunglasses and they will give a completely different answer.

Says John Sanchez, Costa’s vice president of product development, “At Costa, we put our all into every frame we create, and we strive to bring innovation into our performance collection with each new design.”

Perhaps the best way this can be illustrated is through the company’s new sunglasses, which the company has named  “Diego.” The Diego sunglasses, according to the company, are some of the “most feature-laden, highly engineered frame the company has ever produced.”

According to Costa, some of the things customers can expect from the Diego frame include a vented hinge system, vented nose pads to reduce fogging, and a sweat management system. Sunglasses in the 21st century, clearly, are more complex than they have ever been and if these new Diego sunglasses are any indication, they can only improve from here.

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